Precautions for raising pigs in autumn

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Autumn is the golden period for pig raising, the cool climate and suitable temperature are more suitable for the growth and development of pigs, but after entering late autumn, the weather gradually turns cold and rainy weather increases, pathogenic microorganisms will also be more rampant in this season, coupled with the big temperature difference between day and night, the impact of stress on pigs also increases, so it is necessary to further strengthen the management of pig farms in autumn, and do a good job of pig feeding management and preventive health care for susceptible diseases.

  The most suitable growth temperature for pigs is 21℃~27℃, the weather has become cool recently, we should start the heat preservation facilities in time, the farrowing house should use good heat preservation lamp for piglets, the heat preservation lamp is suspended too high, the temperature of heat preservation box is not enough, the suspension is too low, it will bake the piglets bad. To control the temperature of the holding tank well, the recommended temperature in the first week of piglet birth is 30℃~32℃, and the recommended temperature in the second week is 28℃~30℃. Give hot floor heating board to the incubator if necessary to strengthen the temperature. Also pay attention to close the windows at night to prevent thieves' wind.

  Ventilation and change of air in autumn is easy to happen respiratory disease because of the climate special on, and the main cause of respiratory disease is poor ventilation of pig house and too much odor. Ventilation and temperature are a contradiction, too much ventilation will lower the temperature, too little ventilation will cover too tightly, although the temperature is not low, but the pig barn stinks, the air quality is not good, pigs are easy to cough, wheezing and other respiratory diseases, and even lead to death. The most effective way to improve the air quality of pig barn is to ventilate and change the air, so that the odor of pig barn can be discharged from pig barn as soon as possible and fresh air can be changed in.

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