High temperature and high humidity environment in poultry farms to prevent the heat of the technical guidance

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Recently, the province generally into the sustained high temperature weather, while the air humidity, the pressure to prevent heatstroke, once the poultry heatstroke will reduce production performance or even death due to heat stroke, high temperature will also lead to physical weakness, immune system decline other diseases to take advantage of the situation and induce disease. Therefore, do a good job to prevent heatstroke in poultry has become the current scale poultry farm feeding management, especially the key to environmental control. To further implement the deployment of livestock and poultry breeding safety, in response to the impact of high heat and humidity on poultry production, the Provincial General Animal Husbandry Station, in conjunction with the provincial poultry industry technology system, the National Egg Industry Technology System post experts and Jinan Comprehensive Experiment Station, the National Broiler Industry Technology System Jinan Comprehensive Experiment Station, the technical guidance is proposed for practitioners to use for reference.

  A. Do a good job in observing the status of the bird group. If the temperature and humidity are suitable, the birds will live comfortably and behave quietly and naturally; if the temperature is too high, the birds will appear to be "open-mouthed" out of heat dissipation, restlessness, reduced food intake, strong thirst, increased water intake, and even diarrhea and dilution brought by excessive water intake; for egg-laying birds, the egg-laying performance will be For egg-laying flocks, the egg production performance will be significantly reduced if the house is over 28℃. These phenomena may be due to the fact that the temperature obviously exceeds the poultry's own regulation ability, and corresponding measures need to be taken to deal with them.

  Second, do a good job of commissioning environmental control facilities. Modern poultry farming, temperature and humidity control is highly dependent on the environmental control facilities, so timely commissioning of equipment to ensure the normal operation of facilities and equipment, temperature and humidity information collection, transmission and display to maintain normal. For example, due to equipment failure temperature display can not correctly display the temperature, will cause misjudgment to the management, resulting in production losses.

  Third, do a good job of water line inspection and maintenance. To regularly check the water line and water pressure to ensure that the drinking water facilities are properly supplied to avoid water shortages, reduced production performance and death caused by abnormal water supply. High temperature drinking water quality and safety risks are also increased, so do a good job of cleaning and disinfection of the water line to ensure that poultry drinking water safety and hygiene.

  Fourth, do a good job of ventilation and cooling measures. Ventilation is the exchange of gas inside and outside the house, the main means of maintaining the quality of air in the house, but also an important measure of summer cooling management. When the "wind speed" to 1.5m / s when the beginning of the obvious wind cooling effect, high temperature can be adjusted by moderately increasing the amount of ventilation poultry shed temperature, for poultry, cooling the most effective wind speed is 2.0-3.5m / s, when the wind speed exceeds 3.5m / s, the contribution to cooling almost no longer increase, the need to consider other cooling Measures.

  Fifth, do a good job "wet curtain" cooling management. Wet curtain cooling is the most common way to cool poultry sheds in the summer, the basic principle is that the hot air through the wet curtain, water evaporation absorbs a lot of heat, thereby reducing the temperature of hot air to achieve cooling effect. To do a good job of cleaning and maintenance of the water curtain, the wet curtain wind on the dust, flutter, feathers and other debris to thoroughly clean, to ensure that the wind completely ventilated, timely cleaning of the water curtain pipe, in order to avoid dirt deposits blocking the water curtain pipe, breeding microbes. After the water curtain and pipe cleaning, disinfection should be carried out in a timely manner. Wet curtain cooling effect is affected by the relative humidity of the air, the greater the humidity, the worse the effect, when the relative humidity of the outside air reaches 75-80% or more, the cooling effect is significantly reduced, the need to take other auxiliary measures to reduce the temperature. Production can be added to the water curtain in the pool of water supply ice, reduce the temperature of the water curtain over the water, to play an auxiliary cooling effect.

  Sixth, the use of air energy equipment cooling. For the use of "air" heating scale poultry shed, due to air equipment with cooling function, in the extreme case of high temperature and high humidity, in order to prevent heatstroke in older flocks, air equipment can be tuned to the cooling mode, used to assist in cooling. Although the air energy equipment cooling mode of operation under the higher power consumption, but in extreme conditions is still an optional measure.

  Seven, the reasonable use of spray cooling measures. Large-scale poultry sheds, in case of emergency, most of the pre-installed "fog line", in addition to disinfection and humidification, high-temperature weather to start the spraying system to drop cool water, but also help to cool the poultry shed. No fog line poultry shed, you can use high-pressure water gun for spraying. Can also be set up in the ridge part of the spray pipe, fine mist spraying, water evaporation will take away a lot of "heat".

  Eight, adjust the feeding time and light intensity. High temperature weather, especially high temperature and high humidity weather, cooling pressure in the house, try to avoid 10:00 am to 6:00 pm feeding. If possible, adjust the feed diet structure to reduce the body heat gain after eating. Properly dim the light, reduce the intensity of light, and reduce the heat production of poultry activities.

  Nine, the poultry house placed in the ice to cool down. In the hot summer, if the conventional means of cooling are used later, still can not cope with the extreme weather of high temperature and humidity, can be placed in the poultry shed corridor a large number of ice, although this cooling practice is tedious, but the effect is often immediate, can be used as an emergency cooling means under extreme conditions.

  Ten, do a good job of poultry shed insulation. Effective way is to increase the poultry house "insulation" capacity, the heat blocked in the poultry house outside, the current wall and roof reinforcement thickening plus insulation is a more common method. The poultry shed has been built and used, infrared thermography can be used to check one by one, the enclosure lap joints filled with polyurethane foam, and then sealed with waterproof sealant to improve the airtightness of the peripheral structure of the poultry shed, so as to ensure the thermal insulation performance of the poultry shed.

  Eleven, good shade and heat reflection. The use of "shade" measures can play a certain degree of heat effect, for example, can be set up on the roof of the shade net, photovoltaic panels, etc.. In order to facilitate the reflection of summer sunlight, to prevent the accumulation of too much heat, the external walls of the sunny side of the poultry house, the wall and the roof painted white paint, can reduce heat radiation. Now on the market to promote the heat insulation film, can play a better role in heat reflection, is also a good choice.

  Twelve, improve the poultry flock's own ability to resist heat stress. Some practitioners reflect the market sales of certain feed additives, traditional Chinese medicine, vitamins, plant extracts, organic selenium products, etc. can regulate the function of the poultry organism, which can help to reduce heat stress, but the application effect is not the same, it is recommended that it can be used as an auxiliary way.

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