What are the benefits of automated broiler farming

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Automated broiler farming with the development of the chicken business gradually developed from above-ground plane feeding to three-dimensional cage farming, especially in many countries due to less land, with the emergence of factory chicken farming, the extensive use of automated cage farming. Not only is the scale large, but also saves manpower and material resources, taking broiler cages as an example, the benefits are manifested in the following aspects.

1) High level of automation in broiler cages: automatic feeding, watering, manure cleaning, wet curtain cooling, centralized management, automatic control, energy saving, reducing the cost of manual feeding, greatly improving the breeding efficiency of farmers.

2) Good epidemic prevention for chickens, effective prevention of infectious diseases: chickens are not in contact with manure, which can make chickens grow stronger and provide a clean and warm growing environment for chickens, and the fencing time is much earlier.

3) Save space and improve rearing density: cage density is more than 3 times higher than flat rearing density.

4) Save breeding feed: broiler cages can save a lot of breeding feed, chickens are kept in cages, the amount of movement is reduced, less energy consumption and less wasted material. Materials show that cage breeding can effectively save more than 25% of the breeding costs.

5) Save time: It is convenient for the breeding user to manage the livestock and save more time to deal with other things.

Take the 3-layer full step cage as an example, (1) cage-fed chickens can be installed more than ground-farmed chickens, and the use of premises is more economical. (2) Caged chickens do not touch the ground and do not come into contact with manure, which is good for the control of various parasites and other infectious diseases. (3) Cage-reared chickens are clean and have good hygiene management. (4) Caged chickens are easy to implement mechanized feeding, saving labor and reducing labor intensity, etc.

In short, caged chickens have a lot of advantages over raising them on the ground.

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