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Climate Control - FLOW

CUBEMAT controller FLOW-12 and FLOW-22 are field proven system that helps farmer to provide sophisticated and precise control logic with easy setting steps for better farm performance.
Product category:
climate control system

FLOW climate control is state-of-the-art IOT(Internet of Things) management system developed for modern poultry farm with ENERGY SAVING mode.

Product Features :

Ø   Dual CPU with extra security

Ø   High safety power protection system

Ø   Preset parameters for different system

Ø   Industrial large screen display

Ø   Fan rotation operation to extend lifetime

Ø   Smooth temperature gradient to avoid heat stress

Ø   Stage ventilation automatic control

Ø   Apparent temperature precise calculation

Ø   Age precise control on ventilation, humidity and pressure

Ø   The ultimate smart alarm system

Ø   Supporting live view camera system

Ø   Available model Flow-12 Pro and Flow-22 Pro


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