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Farmers in the process of raising broilers in chicken equipment often some subjective as well as objective factors to ignore some things about broiler breeding, especially at the turn of the season, the unstable temperature, and the impact of factors such as changes in air quality, will make farmers ignore some important breeding matters.

1, chicken equipment to raise chickens immunization work: in the seasonal exchange of broiler chickens are prone to infection of some diseases, so this time the broiler chicken immunization is an effective means of preventing disease, but also the drug can not replace. However, the procedure of immunization is not unchanged. In winter and spring, chickens are prone to respiratory diseases, especially around 10 days of age, and in this case, it is recommended that chicks should be immunized with the spray of Transgenic 491 at 1 day of age. Chickens should be immunized on the day of immunization and on the second day. Raise the temperature in the house to O.5°C and 1°C. Because immunization can cause a lot of stress to the chickens. Raising the temperature can enhance the chickens' ability to resist stress and make them more immune.

2, for the choice of chicks: the quality of chicks depends on the growth and meat rate of broilers after adulthood, but many farmers ignore the choice of quality chicks, usually choose relatively low-priced chicks rather than reliable quality chicks, bad chicks farmers can not necessarily raise it well, even if it takes more cost and effort to raise it well, so farmers must pay attention to when buying chicks The quality issue.

3, pre-temperature work before brooding: there are more preparations to be made before brooding, such as disinfection, commissioning equipment, cleaning water lines, etc., but today broiler cage manufacturers mainly to introduce farmers to the pre-temperature. Pre-temperature work is often ignored by farmers, if the coop is not pre-temperature or pre-temperature is not, the chicks into the coop. Although the air temperature has reached the requirements. But the temperature of its coop floor, net frame, etc. is still very low. The cool air on the surface of the ground will lead to the chicks easily cooled. Causing diseases. Therefore, it is recommended that farms (households) start pre-tempering 8 hours before the chicks arrive and keep the temperature in the house stored above 25. C all the time. 2 hours before the arrival of the chicks will raise the temperature by 32. C and keep the humidity at 55% to 60%, never cause greater losses because you want to save money on coal.

4, ventilation, insulation, moisturizing control: one of these three factors is not well controlled will affect the healthy growth of the brood, especially in winter and summer, winter farmers often do not ventilate in order to keep warm, and in summer because of the heat also ignore the temperature in the coop, in each season we should make the appropriate preparations, ventilation, insulation, moisturizing work should be strictly follow the scientific method of breeding Therefore, it is recommended that farmers listen to the weather forecast every day. For the appearance of bad weather in a timely manner to make an effective response to reduce the sudden changes in the weather caused by chicken stress.

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